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Welcome to the Kahakai website!

Check back often as this project is still young and there will be many changes.

For now, you can read the readme, check out our sourceforge project page, or, more importantly, stop by #kahakai on irc.freenode.net. A lot of documentation is in the Wiki. Also feel free to contact any member of the project via email with any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, etc. We welcome your input. You can find our email addresses on the sourceforge project page.


What People Are Saying About Kahakai ...

"kaha what?"
"They must have an army of dark ninja monkies over there writing code since every release has major improvements."
"This is definitely my new windom (sic) manager.

One reason: I just learned Python."
kahakai kicks ass"
"I just want to say that I really like kahakai from what I've seen so far.. [...] jesus christ.. I'm really amazed by kahakai... it's everything fluxbox was supposed to be and much much more, and it works too!"
"this looks..NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe [... this is] my new wm"


Posted by mackstann on Mon Aug 16 2004

Just thought I'd post a link to the article about Kahakai that appeared in Linux Format last fall; I finally tracked it down.

Posted by mackstann on Thu Jun 3 2004

Kahakai's dead. This has been in the topic in #kahakai for a while now, but we were all too lazy to update the website. Sorry about that. ;) (damn, it's June already. Wow)

I had actually left the project a while back (January or February I think?), but a bit more recently, everyone else decided to jump ship as well. I don't know PrinceOfChaos' reason for leaving, but I believe (I don't want to try and speak for anyone else) brailsmt and hyriand basically decided that the codebase (most inherited from waimea, of course) was too messy and bloated and was a lost cause. This was part of my reason for leaving as well.

But hyriand and brailsmt also decided to start a new window manager, named Aegis. It will have scripting built in and basically, as I understand it, have all of the cool stuff Kahakai has/had, without the horrible design and code. I myself have also started a small window manager project, but it is quite different from a Kahakai, and is probably not of as much interest.

Posted by brailsmt on Fri Feb 20 2004

Kahakai is currently undergoing some major refactoring. Stay tuned! When we are done, Kahakai's event processing will be cleaner, its code and design cleaner and at least the Event handling code will be well documented. This will facilitate new features, fewer bugs, and will greatly help in attracting new developers to the project. This refactor is mainly concerned with removing the old Waimea event processing code, which is confusing and difficult at best, and a perfect examle of spaghetti code at worst. For those of you awaiting ruby support, it has been put on the back burner until the core code of Kahakai is de-Waimea-ized. :)

Posted by Hyriand on Sun Feb 8 2004

And here it is, 0.6.2 is out. Short summary: more bugfixes. Check the release notes, or download it.

0.6.1 out

0.6.1 is out, lots of fixes to the admittedly unstable 0.6 (some are for older bugs). Notes

We're not dead, 0.6 is out since December (Sat Jan 17 2004)

(PrinceOfChaos a.k.a. Eugene Pervago) Basically mackstann didn't update the web page as he always did so people had the wrong impression the project was dead and that 0.5.1 was the last version. Well, 0.6 is out, it's somewhat buggy, but 0.6.1 is coming out really soon.

Posted by mackstann on Mon Oct 20 2003

0.5.1 is out, lots of fixes. Notes · Tarball

Posted by hyriand on Mon Oct 20 2003

Mainly thanks to yanu (and some touchups by myself) the pages are now available in dutch.

Posted by mackstann on Wed Oct 15 2003

Many thanks to Flightbase for translating the site into German! Now that we have a basic framework (hm, calling it a framework might be a little generous) for different languages on the pages, adding new languages is easy. Let us know if you want to translate the site into any other language.

Posted by mackstann on Sun Sep 28 2003

Finally, 0.5 is out! Read the changes and dive in.

Posted by mackstann on Wed Sep 3 2003

Ok, so maybe we were dropped on our heads when we were babies, so what? There was a pretty big bug we missed in 0.4, where the settings menu did not work. This has been fixed, as well as a feature added to let you raise windows in sloppy focus mode instead of just focusing them. The result is 0.4.1. Enjoy!

Posted by mackstann on Wed Sep 3 2003

0.4 is out! This is a really huge release. Here are the release notes:

Resizing can now be done in 4 diagonal directions. Styles in the new format can specify any or all window corners to be rounded. A new function, "unmerge," was added for merged windows. Window snapping now works when resizing or non-opaque moving windows. Window can now be dragged by their handles, and the window menu appears when right clicking the handle or grips. Ctrl+Alt+Num keybindings, for switching desktops, are not dynamically generated to match th actual number of desktops present. We have a new default style and wallpaper. NextTask and PreviousTask actions are now limited to windows on the current desktop (a la TaskSwitcher). Keymaps can now be changed on the fly, without breaking key bindings. Key names in user-specified bindings are now case-insensitive. Switching to a desktop now focuses the window last focused on that desktop. A few bugs related to menus were fixed, as well as a bug related to click focus. Some groundwork for a gui configuration tool (kaconf) is now in place, and even somewhat demo-able.

Freshmeat sez: "Your changes summary is 1043 characters long. This exceeds the fixed limit of 600 characters." :)

Posted by mackstann on Fri Aug 15 2003

0.3.1 was just released, which fixes the Mozilla bug! Woohoo!

Posted by mackstann on Sun Jul 27 2003

Today we released 0.3, with horizontal and vertical maximization (right and middle buttons, respectively), an all new (much nicer) style file format, and the usual fixes and cleanups here and there.

Get it on the downloads page.

Posted by mackstann on Fri Jun 27 2003

0.2.1 was released yesterday, fixing a few bugs and whatnot, here's the release notes:

This is mainly a bug fix/cleanup release. The 2 pixel top of screen offset problem was fixed, the restarting problem was fixed, the default style's tiny font was changed to something sane, window positioning is less buggy, and the scripting API for window objects has been cleaned up.

Grab it on the download page.

Posted by mackstann on Mon Jun 23 2003

0.2 is out!

Improvements over Kahakai 0.1 include configurable window snapping, merged windows (like tabs), viewport edge support, total elimination of old-style actions, preliminary Ruby support, autostart shell script, centering of transient windows, a new default style, and many smaller features, bug fixes, and cleanups.

Posted by danb on Sun Jun 15 2003

Thanks to Xaignar and redbeard0531, we now have ebuilds for both the 0.1 release and CVS. Check out the new Download section.

Posted by pervago/PrinceOfChaos on Wed Jun 10 2003

Kahakai Preview 0.1 released! Should be relatively crash-free, but it's really alpha-level release so expect bugs. Python configuration file is in ~/.kahakai/userconfig.py so look there for the most interesting stuff.

Source tarball

Posted by mackstann on Mon Jun 9 2003

Lots of progress has been made, and the project has only been around for two weeks now! The source in CVS now has a working Python implementation, and everything previously done by config files can now be dynamically scripted with Python (except menus, but those should be fixed shortly). If you are interested, please check out CVS and take a look at the Python files in src/. Note that you still don't want to install Kahakai at this point, you should be running kahakai from within the src/ directory.

We will probably be moving into an alpha phase within the next few weeks, with the Python implementation being ironed out completely, hopefully some more work for Ruby support, and lots of refactoring, removal, and cleaning up of old code. Once things stabilize, documentation should start appearing, but for now, stop by our irc channel if you have any questions, there's usually someone around.

Posted by brailsmt on Sun Jun 1 2003

We are currently trying to define features and architecture for Kahakai. If you have any features you would like included, then feel free to post one here, or you can also join the kahakai-devel mailing list and send a feature request there.

Posted by mackstann on Wed May 28 2003

This is a test of a tiny hacked up news thingie. This thing should be ditched for something more elegant but I just wanted to get something up and going real quick-like. You can see the first ever screenshots of Kahakai here. :)

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